Tuesday, 9 April 2013

6th Class Session

Sixth Class Session

In this last session, we learned about differentiated instructions and assessment.

abstracted from http://www.differentiatedkindergarten.com/2012/08/is-on-going-assessment-driving-your.html

Dr Yeap told us that there are four questions to ask ourself when we plan a lesson.

1. What do I want the students to learn?
    - Focus on learning and not teaching.

2. How do I know that they have learned?
   - Assessing children if they are able to articulate the process of working out the problem
3. What if they can't?
    - Teacher will have to revisit the topic again with concrete materials by scaffolding.

4. What if they already can?
    - Provide enrichment to challenge the advance learner while others are still working on the problem
    (*Reminder: not to teach ahead!).

Teaching process
1. Show (modelling)
2. Scaffolding
3. Children work on their own

We also worked on graph. Dr Yeap mentioned that we should do human graph with the children we are teaching at this level. If we are representing a person in the graph, we should avoid using general ones like shapes/colours, instead we should use picture of a person. 

Human bar graph

abstracted from http://www.walterstownns.ie/travel.html

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